Why dLife/dt?

February 25, 2011


In mathematical terms, a derivative shows how one variable changes with respect to another. For example, the notation dy/dx would signify a function that shows how y changes as x is changing. So dLife/dt represents how my life is changing over time. Nerdy—I know—but it expresses the theme of this blog while paying homage to my engineering mindset.

The biggest reason I started this blog is that I’m entering an exciting and eventful time in my life: the transition away from college. With great possibility come countless unknowns, and there may never be a time in my life where I have as much to talk about as I will in the next year. So what better time to chronicle my goings-on? If nothing else, It’ll be a snapshot of my life that I can always look back on.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the ride.



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