The Challenge Board


For the past couple weeks, I’ve been struggling with a couple different problems.

1) I’m spending too much money.

I’m not careless with my money by any means, but I make a good hourly wage and still I’m basically living paycheck-to-paycheck. I’d like to be able to save more for emergencies, be more consistent with contributions to my retirement fund, and also splurge every once in a while without feeling like I’m sinking my financial ship.

2) I still haven’t been able to establish a consistent training schedule.

Coordinating a workout routine with my limited free time and the inconsistent availability of the three facilities I utilize for running and weightlifting has been a logistical challenge. Add this on to my lethargy after a day at work, and motivation can be tough to muster. Without having a consistent training schedule, it’s easy to tell myself “I’ll push this workout to tomorrow morning instead,” and then some scheduling conflict prevents that from happening the next day and I miss the workout entirely. It’s become rare now for me to hit every workout in a given week that I originally planned on, and that doesn’t sit well with me.

So last night, feeling like I was in a bit of a rut, I took some time to strategize some self-improvement. What I came up with is The Challenge Board.

Basic concept:

  • Make specific and measurable bi-weekly challenges for myself.
  • Designate a reward for accomplishing each challenge.
  • Evaluate my progress at the end of each two-week period, and add/remove/adjust challenges and rewards accordingly.

Of course when some of my goals will be centered on saving money, I can’t be rewarding myself with flat screen TV’s and ski trips (although I would love to do that). The rewards I give should either be no-cost, low-cost, or something I want and kind of need (but hasn’t been urgent, so I’ve been able to put it off).

The Challenge Board will be posted in my room where I can be reminded of it every day.

These are my challenges for the next 2 weeks:


Those rewards may not sound so great to you, but they are things I’ve been withholding from myself for quite a while, ok! Hopefully this whole experiment will foster self-discipline and improve my life—all while rewarding myself. I’ll be back with an update in a couple weeks.





~ by izikoosumohdum on March 2, 2012.

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