The Reunion

Distance has its way of slowly dissolving relationships. Even the best of friends often drift apart when they go their separate geographic ways after high school or college.

Four years ago, after living in four different states in just over a year, I had a new-found appreciation for the friendships I’d established long before leaving Minnesota. That New Year, I resolved to make an effort to stay close to the people I care about as time and distance do their best to prevent it.

One result of this was a proposed yearly reunion with my friends Sam and John. The deal was that no matter where we are or how rarely we saw each other, we’d get together once a year for a family-like reunion (I’m looking forward to the days when we actually have families to bring).

So last weekend we had our 4th annual reunion. It was a good time, as usual, and it was a pleasure to welcome two new members to the family—my dog Gemma, and Sam’s fiancé Dom. This was also the first reunion outside of Minnesota.
This is turning into a tradition I’m going to look forward to every year.

2011 - Niles, IL

2010 - Duluth, MN

2009 - Minnetonka, MN

2008 - Spring Valley, MN


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