Unfortunate Resolution

5 days after the final cuts were made, and I’m not on an NFL roster.  The chances significantly dwindle from here.

When I was released from the Chargers during the final round of cuts, I actually wasn’t terribly disappointed. I mean of course I wanted to make the team, but I thought I had a pretty good shot of getting picked up by another organization and getting another chance. Then the days passed, teams around the league made moves and filled their practice squads, my phone went without a ring, and the disappointment set in. I know it was an accomplishment to have even made it as far as I did, but I couldn’t help but feel the dejection of a childhood dream slipping away from my fingertips.

It’s not necessarily over though. It turns out the Chargers only ended up keeping 3 running backs on the roster (most teams keep 4 or 5). Two of these backs are starters, so they really only have one reserve. Since they also elected not to keep any RBs on the practice squad, they are one injury away from having a spot that needs filling. This means I could possibly get invited back to the practice squad at any time during the season. There’s also a (slimmer) chance that I get the call from another NFL team as well—rosters can be quite dynamic over the course of a season. So in the meantime, I need to stay in shape and be ready for another opportunity at any time.

If nothing else, I’ll find a day-to-day job for this year and then head off to grad school next fall. So for now I’ll just try to enjoy being back in sunny Minnesota.


~ by izikoosumohdum on September 9, 2011.

One Response to “Unfortunate Resolution”

  1. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you up here in the Northland. What a wonderful attitude you have. Good luck!!

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