aaaand I’m gone

[From last night (Wednesday), July 26th. Didn’t get a chance to post it.]


The past 30 hours have been a complete whirlwind.

Monday I find out the NFL lockout will be ending. By Monday night I have one offer and realize that playing football will likely be a reality for me this year. Then this morning I sign with the Chargers, and before the day is done, I’m in San Diego. So many words to describe my day: exciting, bittersweet, hectic, sad, exhausting, confusing, overwhelming, hopeful, and much more. It was harder than I expected to say goodbye to Duluth, and I only wish I had more time to savor after knowing I’d be leaving–almost felt like I was skipping town without giving everyone the goodbyes they deserve.

I want to say thanks to everyone for their well wishes and encouragement. By the time I had time to sit down and read my texts, there was about 150 of them, and everyone had great things to say. Add on the 62 Facebook wall posts and 195 new followers on twitter, and you have one busy day for my electronic life.

The next few weeks should be very interesting as camp starts. I’m sure there will be much more to say than I can even keep up with, but I’ll try to keep you guys posted as I charge (no pun intended) through this unique segment of my timeline.

I’m so excited to have this opportunity, but now the pressure’s on! Here comes the hard part–making the team.


~ by izikoosumohdum on July 28, 2011.

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