If you can’t stand the heat…

Today I did my usual routine of weightlifting followed by a run featuring sprints, agility drills, and plyometrics. It’s an extremely hot and humid day here in Rochester (mid 90’s), but I still figured I’d be ok to run outside like I usually do. I definitely overestimated my body’s ability to adjust to the heat.

To compare, it’s 56 degrees in Duluth right now, and that’s the kind of weather I’ve been training in recently. So today was a shock to my body. I was pouring sweat, which was expected, but I was surprised how much the heat affected my conditioning. Doing the same types of drills I’ve been doing all spring, it now took me twice as long to recover before I could start the next rep. I felt unbelievably fatigued for how much running I did, and in the end I even had to cut the workout short because I ran out of water.

What I take away from this: I need to train more in the heat.

Once this god forsaken lockout ceases, I could end up on an NFL team in Florida or Texas or something—where 90 would not even be considered a hot day. There’s no excuse for coming into training camp unprepared, and all of my conditioning could be in vain if I don’t prepare my body to handle the heat.

Solution: A couple times a week, do my workout in long sleeves and leggings.

This limits the amount of heat my body is able to reject, creating a similar effect as hot weather. It’ll be uncomfortable, and I’ll have to sacrifice some of my summer tan, but I must get acclimated to the heat somehow.

If this works, not only will it boost my performance in extreme conditions, but it will make exerting myself in cooler temps that much more effortless.

Let’s see how it works out.


~ by izikoosumohdum on June 7, 2011.

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