Ok NOW I’m excited for the draft

A judge ruled yesterday that the NFL doesn’t have the authority to lock the players out. This is great news for me with the draft coming up in a few days. Ok, some background:

Basically, the NFL players and the league have been having a disagreement about their labor contract. This caused a “lockout”, where the teams and players essentially stop associating with each other until the labor issue is resolved. This meant no team workouts, no trades, no contact with coaches, no contracts being signed, etc.

That last part is the important one for me—no contracts being signed. Players who are selected in the draft know right away which team they’re going to. Others are usually signed as free agents shortly (sometimes within minutes) after the draft concludes. With a lockout in place, teams can’t sign free agents, which means there was the possibility that I would be waiting around all summer until they resolved their dispute.

Well as of now, the lockout has ended. This means that even if I’m not picked in the draft, I can still get the call from a team this weekend who wants to sign me. Very exciting news.

But there’s still a chance that the lockout will be back on before this weekend. The NFL is going to appeal (attempt to overturn) the judge’s decision. The appeals process could take a while, so the league is also trying to get a “stay”, which would put the lockout back on during the appeals process. The judge is going to rule on the stay tomorrow (Wednesday).

Logic tells me that if the judge ruled to lift the lockout, she probably wouldn’t reinstate it 2 days later while they attempt to appeal her own decision, so I’m optimistic about it.

If things go my way, this could be a very very good weekend.


~ by izikoosumohdum on April 26, 2011.

3 Responses to “Ok NOW I’m excited for the draft”

  1. Legal experts say that the 89-page opinion written by Judge Nelson was written as what they call appeal-proof, thus, making unlikely that it will be overturned by the 8th circuit. Furthermore, it is very very unlikely the the Supreme Court would hear it. So, this lives or dies with the 8th circuit.

  2. I M withU Man…

    Sooo many people watching with antisipation…

    The best of hard work and good fortune…

    We can’t wait…lol



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