The Day


It was a good day.

My pro day finally came and went, and I was pleased with the results. The weather was beautiful, there were about 60 people that came out to support me, and most importantly I met or exceeded almost all of my goals in testing.

The results:

When compared to the other running backs at the NFL combine, the worst I did in any drills was middle of the pack. Then in three of the events, I ranked in the top 3, so I’m pretty pumped about that. I also compared my numbers to Mark Ingram (Heisman Trophy winner and expected to be the 1st RB selected in the draft). He edged me out in the 40 yard dash, but I matched or beat him in every other category.

Of course I’m not a better running back than Mark Ingram. What I really needed to show at my pro day was that I’m just as athletic and explosive as all these D1 players entering the draft, and I definitely proved that today.

The one disappointment was that only one scout showed up. At very least, we expected the Vikings and Packers to be there, but the Vikings guy was a no-show. One factor that probably played into this is that Notre Dame pushed back their pro day to accommodate a Tight End prospect who’s coming off an injury… and that ended up being today. So many of the scouts who cover the Midwest were probably in South Bend instead of sunny Duluth.

No worries though. I’ve been in a great mood all day now knowing that I have some solid official numbers to pass around. The information will get out there, and hopefully teams will take notice.


Oh, and we won our intramural volleyball game tonight too. Icing on the cake. Comin’ Hot is now on a 1-game winning streak.


An article about the pro day:

Bleacher Report 


The local news coverage:

Northland News Center 

Fox 21


Some pictures from the day:

Bench press

Getting ready for the broad jump

10ft 5.5in later...

Getting ready for the vertical jump

All the great supporters

About to run the 40

20-yard shuttle

3-cone drill

catchin some balls

catching a ball downfield

coming out of a cut during a RB drill


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One Response to “The Day”

  1. Man, wish I could’ve been there. Can’t wait to hear all about this! Good job, Odim.

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