24 days

It’s settled. Thursday, April 7th. High noon.

I’ll run, jump, catch, and lift for NFL scouts at a late pro day at UMD.

I originally thought I wouldn’t have the opportunity to host a pro day. We figured it would be difficult to get any scouts to come all the way up to Duluth late in the spring to see one player. Well through communication with different teams, we know at least a few would be interested in coming. So it looks like I’m actually going to get to perform for scouts before the draft, and that is HUGE. There are question marks surrounding me as an injured division 2 player, so how I perform on April 7th will be a big factor in teams’ decisions about me. I can’t say that this is necessarily my only shot, but it’s definitely the single most important day on my path toward an NFL contract.

Most players had months to train for the combine or their pro days. I have 24 days. I’ve spent the past 5 months rehabbing my injury, and now I have just over 3 weeks to get my body in peak physical condition. My plan of attack is 3-fold:

1. Train explosion

This will show up in nearly every drill/test I do on the pro day, so I must be as explosive as possible. I’ll gear my weightlifting toward explosive exercises like hang clean, snatch, and weighted squat jumps. Then of course, a healthy dose of plyometrics.

2. Focus upper body on bench press

Balanced strength is important for any athlete, but that won’t show on the pro day. Since the only upper body strength test is the bench press, I’ll focus my arm workouts accordingly.

3. Repetition

I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to the position-specific drills and stuff like the 40, pro shuttle, L-drill, and broad jump. The key to perfecting these will be repetition, plain and simple. I need to practice these drills as many times as I can between now and April 7th.


On another note:

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jack Reale.

I’ve been working with him for a while now, but I’ve now signed all the papers that officially make him my agent. He’s based out of Atlanta, and he also represents NFL great Champ Bailey. So he might have a difficult decision now about who his favorite client is.



  • 6. People who can barely speak english and work in places where communication with the customer is vital
  • 7. When people say Reese’s like REE-SEES
  • 8. When fortune cookies don’t actually contain a fortune, but instead have a philosophical saying or advice
  • 9. Slow drivers in the fast lane
  • 10. Compulsive exaggerators

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2 Responses to “24 days”

  1. Wow, I-Bot! You absolutely deserve this opportunity. Good for you. Way to make Meggy Chan proud. =)

  2. good luck bruda

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