What I wouldn’t give for a 26-hour nap

This is roughly what I've felt like for the past 4 days

Even though a lot has gone on in the past week, I haven’t gotten around to posting. This is mostly due to the fact that I feel like absolute garbage. So this catch-up will be both long and abbreviated.

After a late late night of schoolwork on Thursday, my weakened body’s defenses were down, and this death plague moved in. Ok, it’s not THAT bad, but I rarely get sick—especially for more than a day or 2—so when I do it rocks my world mentally. I’ll just say I had a high enough fever on Saturday night to have a small panic attack and hallucinate that I was being crushed in my bed. That kind of thing hasn’t happened to me since I was a kid. Moving on.


I took what’s called a Cybex test (don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of it either). It’s a test commonly used by the NFL to evaluate leg strength and muscle symmetry. It’s especially helpful for athletes recovering from leg injuries because it can compare the strength and muscle endurance between the 2 legs to see how close you are to 100% recovered.

How the test works: They strap your torso and one leg into a big machine that’s run by a computer. In short bursts, you’re asked to alternately extend and flex your leg as hard and fast as you can while the lever is set to only move at a certain pace—no matter how hard you push it. After running the cycle with each leg separately, the results are displayed.

Results: In extension, my peak strength in my left (injured) leg was 85% my right leg. In flexion, it was 90%. Muscle endurance was even better—almost identical between the legs.

So that’s good news. Considering that my right leg was dominant to begin with, I’m not far from being back to where I was before the surgery.


I hadn’t run in cleats in almost 5 months, and our field in Duluth is still covered in snow, so I wanted a chance to better test my agility and coordination. Being the helpful guy that he is, my coach found me a time slot at Minnetonka High School’s “Tonka Dome” on both Saturday and Sunday. I drove the 2 hours down there, ran around, caught some balls, and even timed a 40 yd dash. I wasn’t expecting much out of the 40, but I wanted to have a benchmark of where I’m at. Well much to my delight, I ran a 4.6.

Now this was timed on an iPod that is only accurate to a tenth of a second, so depending on how it rounds, that 4.6 could be anything from a 4.55 to a 4.69. Either way, that’s good news. Since my ultimate goal is around 4.55 seconds, the outlook is positive as I move forward.

SUNDAY: I still felt like crap, so I didn’t run.

MONDAY: Drove back down to Minneapolis for the U of M pro day Tuesday morning.


a guy gets ready to run his 40

Woke up at the crack of dawn to attend the pro day. Arrived to find far more players and far less scouts that I anticipated. Only 5 NFL teams had scouts there (Vikings, Chiefs, Jets, Patriots, and Bills) which was a little disappointing, but I felt worse for the other players since I wasn’t going to be running anyway. The first round of athletes was about 30 non-gopher football players who all (including me) paid $100 cashmoney to be there. They measured height and weight, had everyone run 40’s, then sent most of them home. Only about 6 were invited to stay and continue other drills/testing with the Minnesota Gopher players. Ultimately, I got measured, took a personality test, did the 225 bench test, and spent a long long time standing around while I just wanted to be in bed haha. It was still worth it though. I got to talk to every scout personally—except for the Jets guy—and all of them seemed to show more interest in me than the other players, which is a good sign. I had a disappointing outing on the bench test though: only 19 reps after a few were subtracted for me not locking them out all the way. I guess I wasn’t strict enough with my reps in training, and it’s something I’ll have to continue to work on.

NOW: I am drained, and can’t wait to go to bed.

Laters on the menjaaay…


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One Response to “What I wouldn’t give for a 26-hour nap”

  1. Although the sickness part sounds terrible, the rest sounds really encouraging!! I am proud of you, friend. :)

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