Numbers, numbers, numbers

Seeing the results of the combine last weekend made we wish even more than I was able to participate. The running backs weren’t all that impressive, so I feel like I would have been able to stand out with some of my numbers.

The other opportunity that players have to showcase their skills is holding/attending a pro day. Here the player performs drills, gets measured, and tests all the same things that they do at the combine while representatives from around the league come and watch. Now since my body probably won’t be ready to test out for another couple months, I’m not going to be able to have a pro day before the draft in April. This is especially sucks for me because I’m coming out of Division 2. They have my game tape, they’ve seen me play, but it’s hard for them to gauge my ability when I’m playing against lower competition, so measurable physical attributes start to carry even more weight. When I can’t give scouts the raw numbers, all they have to go by is the game film, and some simply won’t want to take a chance on D2 guy. It’s pretty discouraging.

Anyway, turns out I’m going to the U of Minn pro day next Tuesday. I’m not going to run or do any position drills, but I can at least get measured and do the 225 bench test. Plus it’s just a good opportunity to put my face out there and meet some scouts. Hopefully it’ll be worthwhile and people won’t be pushy about me running (but from my experience, that’s exactly what they’ll do).


On a lighter note, my “List of Suck” has been a big hit in the past. So I’m bringing it back… again. I’ll post a few occasionally until I get through all of them.


  1. When people don’t use their blinkers
  2. Stepping in something wet with your socks on
  3. People exercising with hats on
  4. People who say “we” when referring to their favorite pro sports team
  5. When there’s not quite enough cereal left in the box for a whole bowl

~ by izikoosumohdum on March 2, 2011.

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